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For general information and enquiries,  and for your individual request please contact us:
Farm-Tours GmbH
Agricultural and special interest group tours
Hülsebrockstraße 2
D - 48165 Münster / Germany

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E-mail: info@farm-tours.de

Farm-Tours GmbH takes over the organisation and handling of group tours for e.g. magazine-publishing houses, individual customers, organisations, associations etc. and guarantees that farmers and country people are professionally informed about all branches of agriculture.

For more than 30 years, tourist parties with a lot of interests hit the road with Farm-Tours GmbH every year: within Germany (inbound) or outbound in Europe and worldwide. All journeys focus among others on tours for cattle- and dairy farmers, tillers and crop farmers, fruit- and wine growers and pig breeders as well as on adventure tours for amateur gardeners, horse lovers, culture lovers, hunters and horsemen.

Travellers don't have to bother about anything as the professionals of Farm-Tours GmbH take care of all. Whole travel planning is perfectly prepared. Farmers can pursue their studies, provided with special information and attended to around the clock by qualified travel guides. We offer interested and forward-looking agriculturists a wide range of specialised group tours across all branches of agriculture. And it goes without saying that fascinating information about the countries and their people is also included in the travel programme!

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